Advance Smartlink affiliate network where we offer Dating, Casual Dating, Mainstream, Gay Dating, and Male Enhancement program. Monetize your traffic with pleasure Thousands of exclusive offers with High-Performing Panel

In-House Platform

Our SmartLink have direct offers that enhance your battle down to an individual prelander's presentation, and we gracefully just work creatives. You don't have to spend assets testing them–we test them for you. Smartlink payouts are no longer fixed! If your traffic works well for the advertiser – offer conditions will reflect the performance of your leads.

Smart Tracking Platform

Our SmartLink is transparent. You get real-time status on its network-wide performance, with eCPM breakdowns by geo, connection type, device, and other metrics.

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We've utilized Clickleadar for some time now, particularly with regards to all traffic - it's an entirely significant option for us! Their Prelander framework produces awesome outcomes and markets, even on leftover traffic. Installments on schedule and backing are very responsive! I can't request more…


I’m a publisher in Clickleadar CPA network, This the best SmartLink CPA network. Clickleadar is a Smartlink affiliate network that continuously works on optimizing algorithms for traffic monetization, the easily usable interface with High eCPM and I am getting the highest conversion rate...

In-house monetization platform

We offer a plethora of private offers, ranging from Vertical offers Dating, Mainstream Dating, Gay dating, covering the full spectrum of payout models. We control the entire flow from supply to local delivery and customer support, allowing us to deliver unmatched performance for your traffic.


$50 min payment

Minimum payouts $50, If you have sales generated during the previous week (Monday-Sunday).

Weekly Payouts

We pay the exclusive payments on Thursday every week without any hassle and puzzles.


A powerful platform that covers unique traffic to thousands of best offers worldwide.

All devices supported

Our SmartLink has thousands of exclusive offers that All devices /platforms support.

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Boost-Smartlink Monetization Platform

Monetize your traffic into cash with our unique traffic optimization algorithm. We have done all the things for you.


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